Position: Food Scientist

Department: Full Time, Rehovot

The experienced and versatile food scientist will join SuperMeat’s growing product development team, composed of food technologists, chefs, and biologists, working together to produce poultry products based on novel cultured meat raw material. The food production team is dedicated to creating food products using cultured meat raw material with a deep understanding of food chemistry and flavorism. The food scientist will play an important role, designing and conducting trials with cultured meat raw material, managing and leading individual experimental projects through design and execution. They will have the opportunity to make an impact on SuperMeat’s cultured meat product. They will initiate creative product development, perform product and ingredient physical-chemical analyses, generate valuable application data, develop new products, serve and solve organoleptic challenges on the formulation level, and provide formulation adjustments to support innovation, quality and flavor aspects of novel cultured meat products.


  • Leading R&D related to product development from raw material.
  • Characterizing the chemical and physical aspects of the raw material.
  • Designing and executing experiments to reach and enhance the functionality and organoleptic properties of SuperMeat’s cultured chicken material.
  • Supporting the development, validation, and documentation of analytical tests.
  • Designing follow up analytical experiments based on past results.
  • Designing and supporting the developments of SuperMeat products for internal and external tastings.

About You

  • PhD in food science or food technology
  • Experience in developing meat-based products or meat analogs.
  • Experience in working with fatty acids and formulations – Preferred.
  • 3-5 years of industrial experience in developing meat products or meat substitutes – Preferred.
  • Experience in flavor and aroma development – Preferred.
  • Experience in material characterization methods – Preferred.
  • Experience with GC or LC chromatography methods – Preferred.
  • Experience in flavor development – Preferred.


Park Hamada Rehovot, Israel

Full time

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