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SuperMeat chicken has a pure and deep flavour and aroma, providing a high-quality chicken experience in every cut.​


Our meat is produced from high-quality, healthy chicken cells, with no genetic engineering involved. It is grown in a nutritious feed, with no antibiotics and in a completely contaminant-free environment.


The cultivated chicken production process uses significantly less water, resources, and energy to produce. Vast acres of land will be saved as production scales up vertically.

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High Quality Control

High control of end product quality in terms of taste, nutritional value and functional behavior, allowing for customization according to target application requirements.


Manufacturing process performed in a closed and controlled system. Elimination of slaughter removes a major point of contamination, resulting in fresh poultry with longer shelf life and no need for use of antibiotics.


Product quality and characteristics are consistent every batch; Manufacturing performed in a closed and controlled system, independent of external factors like weather and other environmental conditions, regardless of geographical location.

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