Cellular agriculture, which is at the heart of SuperMeat’s meat manufacturing process, offers new and advanced manufacturing possibilities, with multiple inherent traits and advantages.

High Yield Manufacturing System

Exponential manufacturing system, meat mass doubles every couple of hours, providing high harvest meat yield daily.

Short Food Production chain

Reduced steps and time required for processing harvested meat. No disassemble or cleaning of birds is needed, decreasing expensive labor and risk for zoonotic diseases. Target tissues are grown and harvested directly, resulting in 100% edible chicken meat.

Adaptation to Market Demand

Short and flexible manufacturing cycles allow the implementation of instant changes in supply and demand within days or hours.

Lower production costs

Exclusive growth of target tissues allows for increased feed conversion ratio (FCR), a decrease in resource expenditure, less waste, and overall smaller ecological footprint, translating to cost reduction.

How Our Chicken Is Made

0. It starts with a seed

Cells are taken from a chicken once to form what we call the seed – this contains cells that mature into muscle, fat, and other meat comprising tissues.

1. Providing nurture

We plant the seed in a meat fermenter, where it is provided warmth, oxygen, and feed. The cells grow and mature into meat tissue just as they would in the animal’s body.

2. The urban harvest

When the meat is mature, we harvest it from the fermenter by removing the remaining liquid feed.

3. To the kitchen!

Once our chicken has been harvested, it is ready to be prepped, cooked or turned into your favourite dish – it can even be processed into any meat application.

Partner with us

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